Monday, 2 February 2015

I forgot I was writing this and now it is a long time since.

It is  winter because the trees have no leaves and sometimes, in the morning, there is a frost on the grass at the back of the house.  I never know what day it is and I have to ask her each day.

It seems as if the days are so short and that makes me tired, I get fed up with the television and go off to bed to make the time go faster, and then it is better. She has no idea.  What it is like.  I am always doing things wrong, putting things in the wrong place, she doesn't tell me so, just sighs and talks to herself.  I try to get it right, doesn't matter - it will be found in the end.

I collect tissues, she says.  I have them in my bedside drawer. I  didn't know that until I sorted them out. Some red ones from eating out and some normal ones, all used as they are sort of crumpled, but they might come in handy.  She throws
them out sometimes if she is doing a heave ho out the door. Hope there was no money in them as I do hide it around.  Now then, I have to have some.

She always say I have money and there it is, she finds it. In tins, in packets, pockets, envelopes, glasses case, it is always somewhere.

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