Wednesday, 17 September 2014


We are going to a meeting she walks ahead and I can't keep up.  We are going to a meeting, wait for me. My legs ache and I don't know why they don't work like they used to.

People sitting around and don't know any even though they say hello to me and ask how I am. Tea and cake and talk about Malaya, talk about R.A.F.  and talk talk talk.

Get an ice-cream on the way home and then go to sleep until she wakes me to say supper is ready and football is on.  Don't want to get up and stay in a bad mood, she goes off upstairs.


An alarm goes off and she wakes me, the alarm wakes me and I look at the window and see it is not sunny but quiet and the trees are so green, so green.

My club today and she has left clothes for me  to wear and I shower and come downstairs where she is waiting.  Tea and toast.

'What do I do when I get there?'
'I don't know, I don't go,' she says.
'You must have some idea.'
'You say you have a coffee and then play dominoes or something like that but I haven't been.'

So I go in the mini bus and see others I see all the time and can't remember their names.

'What did you do today,' she says - I am home now.

'Played games boring really,' I say.
'Did you have a nice lunch? What did you have?'

'Piece of cake but not cake, must be pie and bits of potatoes and cabbage, not too much.'   She looks tired.

I go to bed and sleep.

I get up and get fully dressed and come downstairs it is 9.30pm by the kitchen clock and I thought it was morning, I sit down and later go to bed again.

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